Vaporizer Servicing

E-Z Systems can service almost any style of vaporizer currently used for veterinary anesthesia including: TEC 3, 4, and 5, VapoMatic and Ohio. Once a service option has been selected, please contact Customer Care and obtain the RMA and instructions for shipment.

  • Annual recalibration and servicing ensures continued precision operation
  • Disassembly by unqualified personnel could result in equipment damage or unsafe operation
  • Servicing involves more than one hundred steps done by highly trained technicians
  • Accurate testing is done with highly sophisticated equipment
  • Full servicing includes replacement of wicks, seals, gaskets and other parts as required
  • Internal parts are fully cleaned

Additionally, maintenance service is recommended for the flowmeter, manifold and connecting hoses
Loaner vaporizers are available while your vaporizers are being serviced. A TEC 3 type vaporizer is sent in a convenient, returnable shipping carton.