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E-Z Anesthesia Upgrades

E-Z Anesthesia Systems


SMARTBOX® Prodigy Plus

refresh canister

ReFresh Charcoal Filter

TEC 3 Vaporizer Servicing

Tec 3 Vaporizer Servicing

CO2 Regulators and Flow Meters

CO2 Regulators & Flow Meters

Euthanex lids

Euthanex Lids

E-Z Systems®… Leading the Industry into the Future

For more than 30 years E-Z Systems has been a pioneering leader in the animal laboratory science and facilities management industry. Thousands of researchers rely on our well-designed, quality products to support their work. Euthanex introduced the industry to humane, home cage euthanasia with the Euthanex® Lid System. E-Z Anesthesia®, a product of E-Z Systems pioneered water-heated surgical beds and the patented small animal breather masks for anesthesia. Our E-Z Covers® are custom-made, autoclavable rack covers that protect against cross contamination during transport.

E-Z Systems continue to respond to industry needs with constantly evolving, innovative new products.  We are committed to advancing responsible animal care and use to benefit both people and animals.