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E-Z Anesthesia

Inhalation Anesthesia for Small Laboratory Animals

  • A new generation of safe, high efficiency, user-friendly anesthesia equipment
  • Offering a range of systems, from automatic gas flow to simpler, cost effective systems
Euthanex Smartbox

Humane Euthanasia in Home Cages

  • SMARTBOX™ Auto CO2 Systems with advanced automated CO2 delivery
  • Offering a range of solutions, from high capacity rack systems to single cage units
E-Z Trak

Animal and Research Management System

  • A powerful turnkey barcode system with expansive data capabilities
  • Offering a full range of features that ensure high-level¬†accuracy and significant labor savings
E-Z Covers

Autoclavable Covers for Racks and Carts

  • Protection from cross contamination when transporting equipment
  • Offering custom-made cart covers
E-Z Covers

Euthanex for Zoo Pests and Feed Animals

  • SMARTBOX¬ģ Portable Euthanasia Zoo Systems
  • Automated Three-Stage Tabletop Euthanasia Systems
Smart Box E-Z Trak