About Euthanex

Euthanex… The industry leader for Humane Lab Animal Euthanasia Systems

Over 25 years ago, Euthanex Corp., a division of E-Z Systems, pioneered home cage, humane euthanasia of lab animals with our patented Euthanex Lid CO2 Systems. Mouse euthanasia as well as rat euthanasia should be performed as humanely as possible. Euthanex systems allow small animals to remain in their home cage to reduce stress. Our automated SMARTBOX CO2 equipment takes the guess work out. This provides efficient humane euthanasia for the ultimate in AVMA compliance. Animals are treated with the same delivery times to aid in compliance with current AVMA Humane Euthanasia Guidelines.

Euthanex Continues to Innovate and Evolve with our Customers’ needs.

The Prodigy and Full Color Touch Screen Chamber Systems calculate both flow rate and times while offering safeguards for user overrides. They offer easy administrator programming for maximum versatility. From a single mouse to 160 mouse cages at a time, Euthanex humane euthanasia equipment for mice, rats and other small lab animals is the solution for your facility.

The Quality of our Customer Care matches the quality of our small animal euthanasia products. We take pride if providing friendly, expert customer service. A veterinarian is also on staff to answer any technical questions. Contact us today.

Technical Information

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