complete animal anesthesia systems

E-Z Anesthesia offers more choices and increased flexibility for better solutions. Our anesthesia systems are easy to set up and operate.

Four Standard Systems are Available:


AD-5000 Digital System  E-Z Anesthesia takes the vaporizer to the next level. In an era of advancing technology, our customers requested that the vaporizer follow the digital trend. E-Z Anesthesia merges the best of both worlds to create a very reliable, user-friendly, state-of-the-art system.


Auto Flow System features an automatic five output manifold that does not require flowmeters.


Classic System incorporates a manual five output manifold that includes a flowmeter configuration that improves upon the original E-Z Anesthesia design.


Single Animal System offers an economical choice for single animal treatment.


All systems come standard with the EZ-103A Microflex Breather and the EZ-178 Sure-Seal Mouse/Rat Induction Chamber.  Systems include all necessary hardware components and connections required for anesthesia.  The only additional elements required to operate the system are an oxygen source and liquid isoflurane.  An array of alternative breathers and accessories allow you to customize a system to your specific requirements.