Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What species are compatible with E-Z Anesthesia Systems?

A: Any species under 5 kilograms, including neonates, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters.

Q: How many animals can I anesthetize and work with at one time?

A: Up to four breathing devices can operate simultaneously with a single vaporizer. Multiple surgical beds can also be linked in series to the heated water circuit.

Q: Can I use my own vaporizer with E-Z Anesthesia?

A: Yes, you may incorporate your own TEC 3 vaporizer into the EZ-150C-NV and EZ-108SA-NV anesthesia machines.. Please contact Customer Care for details.

Q: Can I use my own oxygen regulator with E-Z Anesthesia?

A: Yes, a pressure oxygen regulator that outputs from 15 to 60 psi can be used.

Q: What are the key differences between electric heating and the water heating systems?

A: 1: The water-heating system can work with multiple stainless steel surgical beds and the electric heating works with a single heated blanket.

2: The electric heating system utilizes a probe to constantly adjust the temperature  controller based on body temperature feedback. The water heating system utilizes a constant setting.

3: The electric heating system can be used where possible water exposure must be avoided. The water heating systems are leakproof, but should not be used in any context where water exposure could harm equipment, especially delicate electronics.