Long term exposure to excessive anesthetic gas can be toxic to personnel.

It is important to limit exposure to 2 PPM, as recommended by NIOSH. When used properly, the E-Z Anesthesia evacuation products and techniques will effectively reduce gas escape to less than 2 PPM. No anesthetic gas breakthrough prior to saturation.


• Significant cost savings… over 75%.

• Built-in stand elevates exhaust holesPassive evacuation works with the natural flow of the anesthesia system pushing waste gas into the charcoal canister by following the path of least resistance.

• ReFresh filter absorbs isoflurane and allows clean air to pass into the room

• Provides effective filtration for induction chamber and breather waste gas

• Lasts twice as long as the standard filter canister

• High efficiency charcoal absorbs 25% of its own weight in isoflurane

• Easy to monitor canister weight indicates saturation point and need for filter change

• Saturated canisters must be discarded when they reach weight capacity