O2-20-110 Oxygen Concentrator

Saves money on O2 costs. Able to supply O2 to multiple anesthesia systems simultaneously. Easy portability with built-in castors.

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O2-20-110 Oxygen Concentrator

  • Eliminates labor costs and the inconvenience of tank changes
  • Extracts Nitrogen from room air and outputs O2 at 90% purity
  • Able to supply O2 to multiple anesthesia systems simultaneously
  • Saves money on O2 costs
  • Easy portability with built-in castors
  • Well-suited for use in Barrier Facilities
  • O2 Concentration Status Indicator
  • Easy Access to Filter and Hour Meter
  • Spring Mounted High Efficiency Compressor
  • Superior Grade of Molecular Sieve


The E-Z Anesthesia Model O2-20-110 begins its operation by pulling air into the external air intake filter. This filtered air enters the compressor via a suction resonator and fine filter. Pressurized air then exits the compressor and passes through a heat exchanger, which reduces the temperature of the compressed air. Next, an electronic valve system directs the air into one of two tubes that contain molecular sieve (sieve beds). The molecular sieve adsorbs (physically attracts) the nitrogen from the air as it pushes through the sieve beds. This deisgn allows the oxygen enriched product gas to pass through the tube before delivery to the pressure regulator.


As one tube generates the product gas, the other purges the adsorbed nitrogen. This process is called pressure swing adsorption (PSA). After passing through the regulator, the rate of product gas delivery is set by adjusting the flow meter valve. Finally, it passes through a fine particle filter and then over a sensor that detects the oxygen concentration of the product gas before it exits the device through a fire resistant outlet.