E-Z Trak

E-Z TRAK ® Makes it Simple to Transition into Electronic Data Collection and Management

E-Z TRAK® is a powerful software tool to help manage the “business” of running a laboratory animal facility. Building on the decades-long relationship E-Z Systems has with our industry, E-Z Trak is designed to alleviate the burdens placed on Animal Care staff and assist in running an efficient facility.

E-Z Trak

Service and Support:

  • Web-based program allows access from any internet connected computer
  • Setup and installation only takes 1-2 days, even for a large facility
  • Expert project management services help guide you to a successful software implementation
  • Knowledgeable tech support
  • Customizable to meet your needs
  • API allows for data movement in and out of E-Z Trak database to other programs or reports

E-Z Trak Offers the Following Functions:

Cage Census:

  • Robust barcode ID system and easy-to-use mobile app ensure data accuracy at the ground level
  • Rich reporting interface provides a variety of ways to look inside your census
  • Search census data by PI, protocol, cage type, species, and/or location with ease
  • Multiple reporting tools/data views including cage history, cage allocation, racks census and more


  • Track protocol status, start/end date, PI, species and number of animals allowed,
    account numbers, and more
  • Drawdown system debits animal use numbers to ensure that animal use is not exceeded

Animal Procurement:

  • Full featured animal procurement system that provides an end-to-end solution to ordering animals
  • Animal Request from PI   Purchase Order to Vendor   Print Cage Cards and Receive Animals → Enter Vendor Invoice   Bill Investigator

Cage Alerts:

  • Alerts are reported from the handheld device to the desktop program 
  • Notify users of time sensitive issues at the cage level 

Billing and Invoicing:

  • Time saving billing system gathers all charges and generates an invoice for each protocol, individually or in large batches
  • Bill investigators for per diems, animal orders, supplies used, and services rendered 
  • Powerful reporting tools give unprecedented access to billing historical data

Contact Customer Care for more information and to a request a demo. 1-877-559-0159